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Save Our Skin-Care LLC. was created in 2023 by Emma White Montalvo to help people everywhere protect their skin from sun damage.

Emma has lived her life managing her "sun allergy". Living life with eczema that's exacerbated by allergic reactions brought on by traumatic phototoxicity when exposed to sunlight UV rays, she has become an online advocate for skin damage prevention measures and sun soothing remedies.


Emma wants to save others' skin, too. 

Save Our Skin-Care LLC. provides informational resources on the topic of skin health and sun damage prevention. Soon, S.O.S-Care will also provide an online store of affiliated products specifically curated for protecting everyone's skin.

Disclaimer: Save Our Skin-Care LLC. Is NOT a medical resource or licensed medical provider and does not replace the expertise of licensed medical professionals. Save Our Skin-Care LLC. cannot be held liable for any decisions you make or affiliate purchases. Talk to your own doctor or pharmacist before making a decision and/or implementing a new skincare practice to ensure you are doing what is best for your own health. 

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