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  • SAFE EFFECTIVE SUN PROTECTION: Help prevent sunburn and skin damage with mineral zinc oxide sunscreen with broad spectrum UVA UVB protection. Hypoallergenic & non-comedogenic. Gentle on sensitive skin
  • SIMPLE NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Made with just 4 simple ingredients (zinc oxide, sunflower oil, beeswax & vitamin E) that moisturize, nourish & protect. Gluten free & non-GMO
  • EASY TO USE: Light sunflower based, easy to apply, face and body sunscreen. 80 minutes sweat & water resistant means you stay protected when having fun. Perfect for travel, beach & surfing
  • REEF SAFE SUNSCREEN / REEF FRIENDLY SUNSCREEN: No oxybenzone or any chemicals that harm coral reefs. Mexico and Hawaii approved travel sunscreen. Safe for reefs means safe for you
  • SUSTAINABLE SPORT SUNSCREEN : Badger mineral sunscreens have no synthetic ingredients, are cruelty free, and come in 50% PCR tubes. Made with 100% solar power in the USA by a women-owned and run family business

Product Description

Rolling Stone Magazine 2023

Best Moisturizing Reef Safe Sunscreen

"A pioneer in the mineral sunscreen market since 2005, (Badger) specializes in super-simple yet effective formulations with uncoated zinc oxide (with) organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, and plant-based inactive ingredients like beeswax, jojoba, and other essential oils."

How to Apply Badger Mineral Sunscreens

  • We recommend rubbing the product between your hands to warm it before applying. This will make application easier.
  • Apply directly to the skin, rubbing it in to protect the entire area and reduce whitening.
  • For full protection, reapply at least every 2 hours.
  • To cover your entire body be sure to use about a shotglass-full for adults. The phrase ‘a little bit goes a long way' is not true of any sunscreen.

Which Badger Mineral Sunscreen is Right For You?

Active Ingredient
Mineral Zinc Oxide (22.5%) Mineral Zinc Oxide (18.75%) Mineral Zinc Oxide (25%) Mineral Zinc Oxide (22.5%) Organic Aloe Vera (96%) Mineral Zinc Oxide (8%) Mineral Zinc Oxide (22.5%)
Main Benefit
Prevents sunburn & skin damage Prevents sunburn & skin damage Prevents sunburn & skin damage Prevents sunburn & skin damage Soothes & moisturizes dry skin Prevents sunburn & skin damage Prevents sunburn & skin damage
Sustainable Packaging
50% Recycled Packaging 50% Recycled Packaging Infinitely Recyclable Tin 50% Recycled Packaging 50% Recycled Packaging 50% Recycled Packaging 50% Recycled Packaging
Free of Synthetic Chemicals
Made with Solar Power
TSA Travel Size
Reef Safe / Reef Friendly
Gluten Free
Skin Moisturizing
Scent / Fragrance
Unscented Sunscreen Unscented Sunscreen Unscented Sunscreen Unscented Sunscreen Unscented Aloe Vera Gel Unscented Sunscreen Unscented Sunscreen

Is this clear zinc really clear, or is it still whitening? Is 'clear zinc oxide' nano or non-nano zinc oxide?

All mineral sunscreens can be somewhat whitening, but clear zinc is definitely less whitening and it disappears as you rub it in. Badger sunscreens have been independently tested using light scatter analysis and do not contain any free nanoparticles.

Can I use this sunscreen on my baby / toddler / kid / child?

Yes. The only difference is that Badger's Kids Sunscreen has a tangerine & vanilla scent, and the Baby Sunscreen has a chamomile & calendula scent. This sunscreen is unscented and works great on people of all ages.

Is this sunscreen gluten free / non-comedogenic / hypoallergenic?

Yes. All Badger sunscreens are Certified Gluten Free. This product is also Certified Non-Comedogenic (won't clog pores) and Hypoallergenic (great for sensitive skin).

Does this sunscreen contain any PABA or oxybenzone? Is the vitamin E derived from soy?

No. The only ingredients in this sunscreen are mineral zinc oxide, organic sunflower oil, organic beeswax and vitamin E (from sunflower, not soy.) These are all great for your skin.

Can this sunscreen be used on your face? Does it protect from both uva and uvb rays?

Yes. This product makes a great face sunscreen or body sunscreen. The mineral zinc oxide provides full broad spectrum protection from uva and uvb rays.

Badger Reef Safe Sunscreen, SPF 40 Sport Mineral Sunscreen, 98% Organic Sunscree

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