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  • HASSLE FREE SUNSCREEN: No more tears and battles over putting sunscreen on your child’s face. BOB Kids brush on powder applicator makes applying sunblock a pleasure for both you and your child
  • KIDS’ SUNSCREEN SIMPLIFIED: Protect young, delicate skin without the mess and fuss of regular sunscreen. BOB Kids brush on mineral sunscreen is a portable, self-dispensing brush with a fun purple brush head and easy twist-open feature
  • ALL NATURAL: Hypo-allergenic, Vegan Friendly, Free of Parabens, PABA and Phalates BOB Kids sunscreen is ideal for children’s delicate skin and leaves no messy white residue
  • WATER RESISTANT: Brush On Block’s BOB Kids powder sunscreen provides up to 80 Minutes of SPF 30 protection for your child when they are in the water or sweating
  • REEF FRIENDLY: Protect our oceans while you protect your child's skin with BOB Kids Powder Sunscreen formula, free of Oxybenzone and Octinoxate

Product Description

BOB KIDS Mineral Powder Sunscreen provides Water-Resistant, Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Protection in a self-dispensing brush that is designed to make children enjoy having their sunscreen applied. The ultra-soft and fluffy, bright purple brush head feels so good on children's delicate skin, and the sunscreen itself is never greasy or gross. Because it is a powder, it won't run into eyes and cause stinging.

Product Mineral powder sunscreen for kids Translucent mineral powder sunscreen Translucent mineral powder sunscreen with a darker tint Eco refill for your Translucent Brush On Block Mineral Powder sunscreen applicator Reef friendly zinc oxide mineral sunscreen lotion
SPF SPF 30 SPF 30 SPF 30 SPF 30 SPF 30
Cost 26.00 34.00 34.00 16.00 26.00

BOB KIDS Brush on Mineral Powder Sunscreen Broad Spectrum, Easy to Apply for Kid

SKU: 1153b15b-bee9-443c-9240-fb9fa1220dd8
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