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  • Dr. Brandt Hyaluronic Facial Cream with Multi-Hydrating HA⁴ Complex + 5 Peptides. A daily plumping hydrator that offers the volume of fillers minus the side effects. This hypoallergenic cream plumps and hydrates for a more sculpted, youthful look.
  • 72 Hours of Hydration. This clinically tested cream locks in moisture to hydrate and replenish skin for up to 72 hours. It encourages skin to maximize production of its own hyaluronic acid while improving the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles.
  • Doctor-Designed Formulas with Safe, Powerfully Effective Ingredients. Hyaluronic acids hydrate on multiple levels to fill in wrinkles by attracting and retaining water. Peptides help re-densify skin and improve appearance of facial wrinkles and contours.
  • Part of your Daily Skincare Regimen. Every morning and night, apply cream to the face after cleansing. Massage in an upward motion to face to infuse the product into the skin. It will leave your skin looking smooth and supple.
  • Backed by Science. As a leader in clinical skincare, we use established clinical and dermatological expertise to offer safe and effective solutions that treat a variety of needs. Our formulas deliver maximum results for healthy, beautiful skin.

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Dr. Brandt Hyaluronic Facial Cream with Multi-Hydrating HA⁴ Complex + 5 Peptides

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