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  • โ›‘๏ธ The Post-Blemish Recovery Cream: Just popped (or patched) a blemish? Bounce back fast with ultra-nourishing Rescue Balm โ€” the cult fave after-blemish essential from the makers of Mighty Patch.
  • โœ… 4 Powerful Rescue Benefits: Calms angry skin, smooths bumps and texture, relieves flaky dry spots, and improves the look of post-blemish marks.
  • ๐Ÿ’ง Ultra-Nourishing Formula: Starring beta glucan, oligopeptides, and panthenol, this balm has all the good stuff to replenish and restore skin. Great for oily, dry, and combo skin types.
  • ๐Ÿ•Š๏ธ Derm-Tested & Non-Irritating: No fragrance. No dyes. Rescue Balm is clinically tested, allergy tested, and super gentle.
  • ๐Ÿ† From the Makers of Mighty Patch: After patching your pimple with Mighty Patch, reach for Hero Cosmetics Rescue Balm AM and PM to restore and replenish skin quickly.

Product Description

RESCUE BALM: Your #1 post-pimple essential

Kick your comeback into hyperspeed

Just patched (or popped) a pimple? Reach for Rescue Balm โ€” the first and only post-blemish solution designed to push your comeback into hyperspeed. Inspired by first aid ointment, the balm melts into skin with ultra-replenishing antioxidants and peptides so your skin looks good as new in days, not weeks.

  • REPLENISHING POST-PIMPLE CREAM: Rescue Balm is the post-blemish essential. As soon as youโ€™ve popped a zit or removed your pimple patch, dab on Rescue Balm to instantly improve your skinโ€™s texture and appearance.
  • THE HERO DIFFERENCE: The brand that brought you the award-winning Mighty Patch is back with the first and only post-blemish cream designed to push your comeback into hyperspeed.
  • HANDLES 4 POST-BLEMISH ISSUES: Relieves and replenishes dry, flaky skin; uneven texture; redness from dryness; and the appearance of acne-related scarring.
  • ZERO FRAGRANCE OR IRRITATING INGREDIENTS: Clinically tested and dermatologist reviewed, the gentle facial lotion is non-irritating and formulated for all skin types.
  • LONG-LASTING: A tiny dab of Rescue Balm is all you need to effectively deal with the visible aftermath of blemishes.

Nourish post-breakout skin

The pimple is gone, but not forgotten. Luckily, itโ€™s easy to kick post-blemish bumps, flakes and dryness-related red spots to the curb with Rescue Balm. The intense post-pimple facial moisturizer leaves your skin feeling soft, silky and renewed.

  • Quenches signs of redness caused by dry skin
  • Instantly smooths scaly, uneven texture
  • Reduces the look of after-blemish bumps

The post-pimple go-to

A tiny dab is all you need to get back to your pre-pimple glow in no time. Rescue Balm starts working immediately to tackle the four most common skin issues after blemishes have popped:

  1. Red spots from dryness
  2. Bumps
  3. Scaly skin patches
  4. Dark marks and scarring

What pimple?

Inspired by first aid ointment, the lotion melts into skin with ultra-replenishing antioxidants and peptides, so your skin looks good as new in days, not weeks.

  • Clinically-tested and dermatologist-reviewed
  • Fragrance-free, allergy-tested
  • Non-irritating and formulated for all skin types

How to Apply

1. Remove Mighty Patch

2. Cleanse and dry skin

3. Apply Rescue Balm

4. Repeat 1-2 times each day

What the Press is Saying


โ€œThe Hero Cosmetics Rescue Balm is truly a lifesaver. It's like a first-aid ointment that melts into your skin and helps to heal damaged skin. After using it, within just a few days, the mark I made is all gone.โ€

The Zoe Report

โ€œHelps to improve the appearance of scarring.โ€


โ€œHelps reduce the appearance of red spots and bumps.โ€


"Made to help calm and hydrate your skin after a breakout."

Best For Early-stage โ€œhiddenโ€ pimples (Not a whitehead yet) Single Whiteheads Single Whiteheads Clusters of Whiteheads Post-pimple Treatment (After patch or after popping a pimple) Post-blemish marks, dark spots, and sun spots
Count / Size (8) 18mm dots (72) 12mm dots (24) 12mm dots, 15 10mm dots (10) 60x25mm strips 15ml/0.507 fl. oz. (8) 18mm dots
Recommended Application Time ~6 hours ~6 hours ~6 hours ~6 hours 1-2 times daily ~6 hours
Seamless tapered edges โœ“ โœ“
No animal testing โœ“ โœ“ โœ“ โœ“ โœ“ โœ“
Non-irritating & non-drying โœ“ โœ“ โœ“ โœ“ โœ“ โœ“
Allergy tested โœ“ โœ“ โœ“ โœ“ โœ“ โœ“
Clinically tested โœ“ โœ“ โœ“ โœ“ โœ“ โœ“
Drug-free โœ“ โœ“ โœ“ โœ“
Targeted active ingredients โœ“ โœ“ โœ“

Hero Rescue Balm Post-Blemish Recovery Cream - Nourishing & Calming for Dry, Red

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