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  • POLYPODIUM LEUCOTOMOS SUPPLEMENT - This PLE supplement is a polypodium leucotomos extract PLE, a type of fern extract found in the American tropics and sub-tropics.*
  • SKIN PROTECTION & ANTIOXIDANT - Supports and protects skin health, helps preserve skin tissue by fighting the aging of cells, and benefits natural immune booster properties.*
  • NON-GMO, GLUTEN FREE, VEGETARIAN FRIENDLY - Supersmart offers you an outstanding quality and choice of supplements for women and men, difficult to find elsewhere.
  • Recommended Use - Take 2 capsules a day. Each vegetarian capsule contains 500 mg of Polypodium leucotomos 4:1 leef extract. Contains Polypodium leucotomos 4:1 leaf extract | Other ingredients: acacia gum, white rice flour.
  • 100% Satisfaction - Money Bakc Guarantee - Since 1992, we want you to be fully satisfied. No questions asked, money back guarantee. Ping us 24/7 regarding any questions you may have.

Product Description

Essential Supplements

Weight Management

Helps combat the formation of abdominal fat.*

Immune System

Multivitamins with 45 exceptional and bioavailable ingredients in natural form.*

Bones Health

Helps to strengthen bones and supports muscles health.*

Supports Gut Health

Helps reduce irritable bowel syndrome discomfort.*


Protects cells against oxidative stress, which contributes to aging process.*


Promotes blood health and overall wellbeing.*

Boosts Immune System

Supports intestinal health where at least 70% of your immune system is located.*

Energy Levels

Stimulates mitochondria growth, responsible for cellular energy production.*

Seasonal Immunity

Helps with temporary fatigue, change of seasons, or even stressful times.*

Supersmart - Polypodium Leucotomos Extract 1000 Mg per Day (PLE Supplement) - Sk

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